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LED Modeling Light

Upgrade the Dot Photobooth® with Daylight LED Modeling Lights for low light conditions indoor or outdoor events. The LED Modeling lights come with a dimming controller to adjust brightness of light.

Photo Booth Protective Covers

The custom Dot Photobooth® case protective covers are designed to cover-up exterior surfaces of each case to safeguard from surface scratches while transporting to and from events. The Nylon protective cover design wicks moisture out, limiting internal condensation, offering better protection for the electronic components inside the Dot Photobooth®.

Pipe & Drape

Pipe and drape system is typically used to create a single backdrop for the photo booth. The system consists of two expandable (2-piece) upright supports, one expandable (2-piece) crossbar backdrop support, two solid steel bases and backdrop (drape). The backdrop height can be adjusted 4’-7’, 5’-8’ and 6’-10’, depending on upright support selected. Often times, clients will buy additional pipe and drape systems (upright supports, crossbar backdrop supports and backdrop) to modify the open style Dot Photobooth® into a traditional closed booth experience.

Sitting Booth Design

The Dot Photobooth® can be upgraded for sitting booth configuration by position the camera below the touch screen monitor.

Video Booth Upgrade

The Dot Photobooth® can be upgraded with a DSLR Camera upgrade, LED modeling light upgrade and wired microphone for audio capture.

Social Media - iPad

The Dot Photobooth® can be upgraded to utilize iPad social media. Upload, send photos and videos of guests, a method to extend your brand, reach others and enhance marketing demographics. Social media features like Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and market research. Hashtag printing feature allows you to set a hashtag(#) and monitor and print from Instagram.
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Flip Book

Create your personal animated Flip Books using Dot Photobooth®. Animated Keepsakes are great for commercial events and celebrations

Custom Graphic Design

Complete creative design control on image layouts, backgrounds and template graphics. Our graphic design staff will work with you to create a custom design for your event.

LED Case Lighting

The Dot Photobooth® can be upgraded with RGB color LED lighting. Along the case walls are color light-emtting diodes (LED) emitting a variety of static and dynamic color modes; random, fading, strobe, instant and auto. Adjust the Dot Photobooth® to match the event color scheme, decoration and synchronize with music.

Additional Monitor/Digital Projector

The Dot Photobooth® can be upgraded with an external monitor or digital projector to dynamically display pictures of the event in a slideshow. Engagement pictures can be preloaded into a folder and displayed during the wedding reception or project sponsorship logos at corporate event. The Dot Photobooth® can also display randomized captured event pictures in real time

Printer Upgrade

Upgrade the Dot Photobooth® with a DNP DS40 or Mitsubishi CP-D70DW Printer. Upgrade includes a DNP DS40/Mitsubishi CP-D70DW printer with print speed approximately 7 seconds and customized lower case to accommodate the DNP DS40/Mitsubishi CP-D70DW Dye-Sublimation printer. Manufacturers' warranty on printer is 1 year.

Printer Media

Dye-Sublimation 4"x6" Roll Media (other sizes are available) for DNP and Mitsubishi are commercially available directly through Dot Photobooth Entertainment.

International IEC Power Adaption

The Dot Photobooth® can be modified with an International IEC power coupler for a specific International country. Not required for The United States.

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