Frequently Asked Questions

What type of event would benefit from using Dot Photobooth®?

Any event would be enhanced using the Dot Photobooth®. Dot Photobooth® expertise in providing photo services to private events, corporate events, conventions, meetings, sports franchises, holiday parties, trade shows, expositions and media agencies. Dot Photobooth® is the number one experts in the best photo booth service and technology. We are here for you. At Dot Photobooth®, we strive for excellence.

How many events will it take to recoup my Dot Photobooth® investment?

Rental fees for digital photo booths vary depending on city and state; e.g., in Southern California, the average rental fee typically range $500-$1,800 per event depending on booth options. Hence, the Dot Photobooth® could start earning a profit as little as 4 to 5 events.

What expenses will I acquire when using my Dot Photobooth®?

Typically, if the photo booth is set to capture and print images, the cost of printing materials is the only cost. Dye-sublimation print supplies are commercially available directly through Dot Entertainment.

What’s inside the Dot Photobooth®?

Dot Photobooth® uses new and modern technology. The custom computer system operating the Dot Photobooth® is Windows 7/8, 64-Bit platform. The customized software operating the Dot Photobooth® is simple and easy to use. The software allows full control over the digital DSLR camera. The software allows full customization of print layouts. You can also use other graphic software, e.g. Adobe Photoshop, etc. to create and import graphics and layouts. The Dot Photobooth® uses multi-touch screen monitor, digital DSLR camera, captures superior photo quality images and Wi-Fi certified 802.11 b/g/n to upload photos wirelessly to social media.

What type of printer is used in the Dot Photobooth®?

Dot Photobooth® uses professional dye-sublimation photographic printers. Manufactures used; DNP and Mitsubishi.

Where can I use the Dot Photobooth®?

Any event would be enhanced using the Dot Photobooth®. Dot Photobooth® is one of the lightest and occupies the minimal amount of space on the market. Places you can use the Dot Photobooth®; private yachts/ships, events, clubs, parties to living rooms. All you need is standard household power (120 V). The Dot Photobooth® is adaptable to International power requirements (200 V – 240 V).

Does the Dot Photobooth® take color and black & white digital photographs?

The digital DSLR camera & software have the ability to capture, print color and black & white images. The DSLR camera can also be adjusted to capture sepia images and various color tones.

How many people fit in the Dot Photobooth®?

Dot Photobooth® can fit anywhere from 1 to 18 people, or however many people you try to squeeze in front of the Dot Photobooth® for a picture. Just have fun.

What type of digital file does the computer system save images?

The photo booth software has the ability to ‘Print Only’, ‘Print and Save as JPG or TIFF’, ‘Save as JPG or TIFF’. Individual images and selected output can be saved.

Is it possible to change the output of the Dot Photobooth®?

Yes, the operator can select different paper sizes and how many images per sheet of paper (size of paper may affect amount of images per sheet). In addition, the operator can incorporate a custom background, header, footer, or digital overlay for the output in minutes. This feature makes it possible to add text and, or logos to the final print product. No coordinates or coding to learn.

Can I choose a different background for my Dot Photobooth®?

Yes, you can use a variety of colors for your backdrop. Backdrop material pipe and base plates are commercially available directly through Dot Entertainment.

Will our guests know how to operate the Dot Photobooth®?

Yes, the Dot Photobooth® touch screen display is user friendly. Select color or black & white, smile and the moment is captured.

When I rent the Dot Photobooth®, does a courteous attendant accompany and assist using the photo booth?

Yes, one professionally trained and courteous attendant will accompany each photo booth.

Can I obtain the Dot Photobooth® digital images of my event?

Yes, the JPG digital images can be transferred to USB Flash Drive, Dropbox or Laser Optical DVD.

Payment Method?

We accept Visa, Master Card, Debit, Cashier’s Check or Wire Transfer

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